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Originally posted by Guybrush122
Orca: Totally agree on the "English" thing. I found reading Frankenstein was like reading a 19th century fan fiction, if you know what I mean. Furthermore, the creature was WAAAY too articulate, even for a fast learner. I mean come on, I was ready to read about how Victor Frankenstein and the creature had a most delightful tea-and-crumpet party whilst discussing existentialist philosophy and Freudian concepts. Oy.
a tea party with...Crumpets and scccccones? (chapter 2...monkey swing)

Isn't it funny how the dude happened to blind, and Safie learning english? I mean, I should suport a woman writer, but damn...I couldn't get away with that stuff...

The book confronts alot of classic old issuses that plague mankind, but its so bombastic, its silly.

The creature is fun as heck to draw, though.

Dracula is better. Its actualy scary.

Annoying thing #666: people who are "satanists".
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