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Our school nurse can do nothing.
If you cough your guts up, she'll give you a glass of water.
You have to be dying to get sent home.
A long time ago we were all getting a check-up by the school health inspector, which made poor nursie-poos (even more) surplus to requirements.
We were waiting in the waiting area, and someone said,
"Aww, did you fart?"
And Nurse murphy comes in and goes RIGHT! WHO WAS IT?
We just sat there.
NM:I'll put you ALL in DETENTION!
blank (innnocent) faces
She calls a passing teacher (as I said, powerless)

On a plus we missed all of Double English.
'turns out we couldn't get detention,because no-one actually did anything.
And the the teacher told the nurse so. Loudly.

I hate people who chew with their mouths open.

My PE teacher told us that if we didn't get started in 2minutes, teams picked and everything, then we would have to do Cross- Country.

This basically means 3 laps of a football pitch.
He then said that if anyone took more than 3:30, EVERYONE would have to go again. Thats a MILE!


People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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