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Originally posted by Mo Goya
One thing I cant stand is when you say something really funny or your about to spill your guts out to someone and they dont hear you. They say something stupid like "WHAT?" And after that what you were going to say is not worth saying anymore.
I'm a fast talker, so you wouldn't believe how many times that happens, and it's usually something really hilarious, but after the second "what?!" I just have to say "Never mind" and walk away. It's bloody annoying, because I normally have a certain way of saying it that boosts the comedy value, so now I have to slow it down and make it louder for people to hear and it's just not as funny anymore. Probably doesn't help that I'm usually in my college common room with loud music and louder people around me at the time.

Oh, and GB, I'm just like that food thing, I'll forget to pack food, but won't eat the school junk (which is pretty much 80% fat and grease anyway) and so I'll just go hungry and won't really care about it anyway because I'll just get to eat when I get home (also I'm using my own money for the bus and food so I'd prefer to save as much as possible). But then people look at me funny. Sometimes I'll even remember to pack lunch, but then give it away to people who are hungry and have forgotten their money because unlike most, I can last without food for more than 20 minutes.

Something that really annoys me is when i'm at work and i'm at the checkout (something I absolutely hate anyway) and people wait until I'm rung everything up, then they pay, then they get their receipt and then they tell me somethings wrong when they saw the price of everything that went in. And it's normally something like "this was meant to be 1, not 6!", or "This total doesn't look right." when I told them the total before they paid for it and I could actually go back and fix anything that might have been wrong. So then I have to get the receptionist to get the keys down and put in her little password thingies just to go back and give this person a refund on something only to have them buy it again at the price they expected (unless we can prove to them that it was their mistake and not ours, you'd be surprised how much that works).

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