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In Ireland, the perception of Northern Irish people is... confusing. I think catholics think of protestants as "Bastards that should go back to England", but I'm not sure what the protestants think of catholics because the only protestant people I know are too nice to say stupid crap like that.

I'm half English, half Irish, and I'm agnostic. Therefore I have no real view on the whole competition over Northern Ireland.

I think on a global scale, people look at Northern Ireland and the Republic as one country, and we all come under the label of "Stupid, Drunken Irish."

Which is funny because we have a really well educated workforce and one of europes best education systems.

Yet still most Irish people 'cum online n talk lik dis as tho de internet is dere mob fone'.

That is not helping the perception that they are stupid.

Oh man.

You might recognise me.
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