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Orca: Dracula? I tried to read it, but epistolary novels don't do it for me. I lean towards more modern writers like good ol' Raymond Chandler or Philip K. Dick or Stephen King or George Orwell or Willie Shakespeare (old, but in a sense very modern)...well, you get the jist of it. To me, Dracula seemed to beat waaayyy around the bush. Though there were some creepy moments, that's for sure. It's been a while (and I always read it half-paying-attention, so forgive my memory) but that bit about the guy with the freaky designer drug problem and how he's all INJECTION! INJECTION! BLAAAHAHAH!.......that one got me good. At least, that's what I think it was. Now I gotta go and pull out the passage...

Joshi: Yeah, I have that same problem. And it usually occurs in the worst times possible. Funny thing, too, whenever I manage to say something like that very loud and clear, it's always inappropriate and always near an authoratative figure. Peachy.

Also, it always happens when I try to say something dashing/charming. I recently sent a carnation to a crush of mine for valentines day, and when she inquires why I sent her that, I'm going to try to say something devilishly suave. Of course, she won't hear that devishly suave thing, causing her to scrunch her face up and say "What?". Then I'll counter with a seething witty comment, and she won't hear that either. After that, I will shrink three feet and wash away my sorrows with Diet Ginger Ale and video games. Can ya tell I'm regretting something?

Annoying thing: When people use racial and ethnic slurrs to rebel against political correctness. It's this new thing in the area and I can't STAND it. "I'm not rascist, I'm just rebelling!"

Yeah? And the Swastika is just a good luck charm.*

*yeah, Robin Williams!

I can't seem to think up a good signature.
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