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Modelers needed for new mod SITH:

SITH: Sith in their History

We have : 2 mappers 3 skinners 0 modelers.

This mod is an SP mod that will have SP campaigns on all the greatest sith lords of all time b4 Palpintine's rise. THat means Marka Ragnos to - Darth Bane. I am currently working on Maps as we speak for each Sith master and their history. The maps for each Sith lord will be atleast 10 or more each following to their untimely demise. Here are the models we need.

Marka Ragnos (young)
Naga Sadow
(exar is all ready done thx to sithlord II!)
Darth Rivan ( wtf i have no pics of him: we need info and pics!)
Darth Revan
(darth malak is being done by grafox thx god!)
Darth Bane

e-mail me at

We need mappers ,skinners and modelrs thx!
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