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Because I haven't seen a reason to yet. What does linux have that's worth dealing with dual boot for?

We could have a Holy War here

Well, I personnally use Linux for...

Stability (granted, WinXP is a huge improvement)

The Bash shell - I find it particularly useful for coding, and of course scripting

Focus-Under-Mouse window managers (the need to have active windows on top in Windows REALLY annoys me)

A few nice GPL programs like GIMP

Better resource management (again, XP is an improvement - but is a memory hog)

The sheer joy of doodling at a low level with an OS

Security (how many Linux worms or viruses can you name?)

Obviously, Linux tends to excel in non-desktop roles, such as servers. I'm currently building a broadband firewall/router from a minimalist Linux distro.

Anyway, does this mean you need a volunteer to do Linux work for OJP?
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