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(JO)Stuck At Jedi Academy, where you put the codes in

Hi, I am really having some trouble here. I have got all the way the way to Yavin 4, the Jedi Academy. But I have a problem. I came through that courtyard area and fell into a hole, and then I came out of it, my datapad was updated. I try jumping on the stones to get to the level above me, it doesn't work. Then I try the two doors. One opens. I go in, get force push. Then I see another door to my side. I go in and then see these stone plates on the wall that popped out. each shows a symbol, then on the floor, there are those big stone plates, that each show two symbols, and one of the symbols is the same as the one on the wall. I try moving them with force push. It works, but then I see another door in front of me. It's locked. I have a feeling that I have to get those stone plates in some pattern to get the door open, but I don't know how. It would really help if someone knew.

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