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Oh totally GB, I'm around girls all the time and I'm ugly as heck, so I only have my wit and charm to impress them, but when they're all to damn deaf to hear what I'm saying, I get kinda pissed. Now although I'm usually in a large group of girls, all talking and whatnot, I'm usually having a one-on-one with one of them which is when I shine as a witty charmer, but of course, there's about five other girls around us, not to mention the rest of the common room and the loud music to compete with. Oh, I can hear her fine (or at least she thinks so, whenever I don't quite catch something, I just nod and smile, or make a funny 'hmm' sound, as if i'm laughing, or agreeing or whatever, unless I'm actually listening (more often than not) when i'll say pardon, but only once. if they don't have the common curtesy to seak slightly louder and clearer then I'll just ignor them), but sometimes, she has to ask me to repeat something about three times, me getting louder and slower each time, and about the fourth, the witty remark has just totally lost it's edge and I'm reduced to saying 'Forget about it' and then doing what all us guys do and shrink to the size of a gnome and sit in the corner quietly.

Bloody hard of hearing girls. And my brother in law's deaf in one ear, so you'd think I'd be used to this!

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