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It's true most of the democrat candidates are using hatred to get themselves into power. Much like Bush used your hatred to go to war...

Socialism doesn't necessarily lead to communism. Canada is a half socialist country and we aren't close to communism.

Morals change, you have to agree with this. If morals don't change, we'll just keep on stalling and live like we did 100 yrs ago with religion dominating everything and without any scientific achievement.

As for the Super Bowl half time show, you americans should really sit down and think. Your media talks about murders and killing all the time(just watch America's Most wanted or any other show) and oh that's ok.
We see a breast on tv, something that's not harmful to anyone, won't traumatize any kid(don't you dare say that kids in the 50's did not think about sex) unlike violence that actually kills people.

Which is worst? Talk about morals...

But nevertheless, there's also the universal morals that is linked to education. If your parents didn't teach you the basics, you're in deep sh!t... -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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