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Originally posted by Joshi

Something that really annoys me is when i'm at work and i'm at the checkout (something I absolutely hate anyway) and people wait until I'm rung everything up, then they pay, then they get their receipt and then they tell me somethings wrong when they saw the price of everything that went in. And it's normally something like "this was meant to be 1, not 6!", or "This total doesn't look right." when I told them the total before they paid for it and I could actually go back and fix anything that might have been wrong. So then I have to get the receptionist to get the keys down and put in her little password thingies just to go back and give this person a refund on something only to have them buy it again at the price they expected (unless we can prove to them that it was their mistake and not ours, you'd be surprised how much that works).
omg thats the thing that annoys me more than everything in the world! the customers always do that! especially the snobby ones! the way they say 'oh uve overcharged me' is so annoyin! its like they think they'd NEVER make a mistake.i feel like spittin on their groceries! it takes the absolute piss!

i feel much better after that rant thanks 4 bringin it up joshi

I rAn Up ThE dOoR aNd ClOsEd ThE sTaIrS,hOpPeD iNtO tHe LiGht AnD tUrNeD oFf ThE bEd,AlL bEcAuSe YoU kIsSeD mE gOoDnIgHt
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