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Originally posted by rccar328
Look at the current Presidential campaign: Many of the Democratic presidential candidates are running on a hatred for Bush. There are some issue-based complaints, but for the most part they're running on a platform of hatred. (And I know, many of you disagree with my analysis).
I like Wesley Clark. At least he had the brains and fingerspitzgefühl to suvive in NATO. He might be able to undo some of the trash dubya made in the international community.

If Germany's economy had not been in such ruins, it is possible that Hitler woule not have been elected (though there is no way of knowing for sure). Hitler gave them someone to blame for their troubles, and they went for it.
And if the Commies hadn't been complete idiots, he'd never gotten anywhere near power. The Conservatives didn't like him. The Social Democrats didn't like him. The Commies certainly didn't like him. But the Commies threatened the Conservatives, and hated the Social Democrats even more than the Nazis, so there was no effective front against the Nazis. If the Commies and Social Democrats had worked together, then the Nazis could perhaps have been kept from power. But then again... the Weimar Republic was called 'the republic without republicans'.

Today in America, however, I don't know how possible it is that the people would elect someone on a platform of hatred.
Dubya does. Agains Islam. And against anyone who is opposed to his insane judeo-christian fundamentalist dogma.

It would be a mistake for America to elect most of these candidates, as their policies will move our country closer and closer to socialism, which is a stepping-stone toward communism.
Are you really buying that neo-conservative rubbish? USA? Socialist? Now that's something I'd like to see! The extreme left of US politics may come close to the middle of the European political spectrum. Which is still a far cry from Communism.

And when it comes to communism, I'm inclined to agree with SkinWalker - it may work in smaller countries, but it just can't work in one as large as the US.
I'm inclined to disagree with Skin here. Communism doesn't work. Period. But as I stated before, Europe is social-liberal, not socialistic. One of the things that irks me about Americans, if I'm to make an only slightly unreasonable generalization, is that they can't tell a Social Democrat from a Baader-Meinhoff-supporter.

However, it was the Greek notion of Democracy that our democratic system in the US is loosely based on
Not true. The American Constitution is based on the doctrines of French intelectuals who fled persecution at the hands of the French monarchy. Before said monarchy... lost its head, so to say.

First, we must have morals in order to allow our free way of life to continue. Without them, we become a society where anything goes. Moral codes have no meaning, and neither do our government's laws (which are based, for the most part, on moral codes). Governmental anarchy springs from moral anarchy.
Are you quoting the 'Fathers here, or is this more of your neo propaganda?

Second, we must be educated on current issues. This education, combined with our understanding of moral values, will allow us to vote responsibly, and keep us from allowing the wrong person to take power.
Second, we must be educated on current issues. Educated. Period. One cannot make an informed decision, if one's 'education' extends no further back than the last election.

So, is democracy dying? In a way, yes. It is easy to see the decline in moral values taking place in America's society today. Just take this year's Superbowl half-time show and imagine it being shown during the 1950s. Or even the 1980s. Or even 1990. Moral values in America have been degenerating for quite some time, and unless the people of America realize the importance of morals, disaster will result.
A very... decorative addition. But if you want to see moral decline, look at dubya's circumventing the Security Counsil. Or stashing suspects on a remote military base and leaving them there to rot. Showing a breast during SuperBowl is not moral decline. Getting all worked up about it really is just... silly.

Likewise, voter education is declining.
Likewise, voter education is declining.

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