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Life's been good. I've been doing some volunteer work and I've just got a new job, so yay there. It's been good to get out and do something. I feel like I'm making something with my life, well at least trying to do so.

Been enjoying the mild Summer here in Aus. I hate hot weather, it sux, so the fact that there's only been like one day of 40oC weather has made me happy. Hmmmmms, also spent quite a few nights getting drunk *innocent look* but I'm all behaved when I'm drunk.

Still single, but who really needs guys? Friends are more important and I really don't have the time.

As for Delta? She's really irritating me at the moment. I really couldn't care less who she's screwing, or seeing or whoever. At the moment she just seems like a media hungry cow. Like good for her, she's won her battle with cancer. Good for her, shame no one hears about the thousands of other people who survive battles with cancer. Although I quite like Scuddy I always have. I wouldn't object if he was MY boyfriend

So how is everyone? What's everyone been upto? Doing anything exciting?

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