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All your work storied have reminded me of some...

Firstly, I work at a roadhouse/ pertrol station and it's really really big compared to most we have out here (I don't know what they're like in America.) From one end of the counter to the the other is more like a long hallway that a few steps. At one end is all the hot food and the console, at the other is the slurpie machine and the sandwich fridge (for some reason, at our work hardly anything is self serve. I guess it's cause things are less likely to be broken/ dirtied up, but it also menas everything takes a lot longer.

So anyway, there is a console at the other end, but it is never turned on because we're too understaffed. It even says 'please use other console' on the front. But people still wait there. And then look at me up the other end. Then keep waiting. And all this time I'm hoping they'll work out that they have to come up my end, but they rarely do. SO I have to walk all the way down, ask them to come up the other end, then serve them. Then the will ask for something from the other end, making walk back down again, when I could have got it the first time. Another thing people do is point at what they want, instead of saying ,
"I'd like two pieces of the spicy chicken", they'll say, "can I have two of these" or "can I have some chicken" so I have to point to everything in there one by one as they say,"No, no , no , yeah, that". Sometimes they even get impatient if I don't guess fast enough!

Another thing they do is ask for a sandwich, watch me walk all the way down, then when I get back ask for another, or say,
"Oh, I wanted it on brown bread." Or they will ask for something we dont have madem like a salmon salad sanwich or something, and then get annoyed that they'll have to wait for it to be made.

People will bring up about twenty things to be scanned, except put them on the long bit of bench on the wrong side of the console, so I will have to pick each thing up and scan it, wasting heaps more time cause I have to take about four steps for each item. ANd the person will just stand there, watching. They must realise what I am doing, but they never help by moving everything over to the other part of the bench.

the reason I hate all this is because its often very busy where I work, and because we are low on staff, usually my job will be to not only put things through the scanner/register, but to make coffees, milkshakes, heat up rolls and cakes, make up things like hotdogs and roast pork rolls, make sandwiches, toast foccacias and sandwiches, wash dishes ect ect. SO all the time I'm wasting on silly customers leaves time for the line to get bigger, and less time for me to put orders together, which means we get more complaints which means I have to give out freebies and do refunds, wasting even more time.

Woah. Giant rant, eh?

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