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Misae: *offering her first advice of the day* We should follow the map. It will give us plenty unnecessary detours on its own. We don't need to be making more intentionally.

Guy: Howeve, there are still workers in those mines twenty-four hours a day, and we know little about their habits. Perhaps, if Irvine and his red-haired twin insist on walking into pubs without our advice, we may as well follow them and watch in case they uncover any useful information.

Marin: I don't know much about these mining settlements, but don't you think Aidan and I would look too unusual? I look a little young for a person heading to a mining planet, and Aidan looks a bit...underdressed.

Aidan: I am not underdressed. You all are overdressed.

Marin: Do you think we'll be a problem?

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