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Originally posted by Natty
I've never done drugs. Drugs are bad mmmkay? Although have been tempted to do pot lately.
please do not forget that alcohol and cigarettes are drugs too. just because it's openly selled everywhere it doesnt mean these are no or harmless drugs. the opposite is the fact.
besides, alcohol is the family destroyer number 1 and cigarettes pollute our air. pot, if smoked, pollutes the air too, but one could never smoke THAT much as cigarettes ..
also, everytime if some bastardo tried to hit me, it was a stinky drunken asshat smoking one stinky cigarette. alcohol and cigarettes, if "enjoyed" exceedingly or on a regular basis (except for once a year or so), are crap. i think that goes for pot, too.

any chemical drugs or psychedelica etc are really really really REALLY not good for nothing. they should be stirred into one big barrel with all the alcoholic stuff in it and then pumped down thriks throat.


*nods head*

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