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Originally posted by Emma
Pot gets a really bad reputation for what it does. Just don't eat it in a cake, m'kay? Because I made a cake a few months ago and er, put far too much in it resulting in everyone who ate it getting absolutely wasted.
we've done this once with cheesburgers. maaaan. what a night.

Smoking blunts or in a pipe is fine and gets you stoned in a good way.
err.. good way is well spoken.

Mushrooms sound tempting as does acid, but I'd probably do neither because I hate normal mushrooms with a passion and I wouldn't like to hallicinate and I think doing acid would **** my brain up, plus it's one of those things that effects you forever more - the boyfriend has done it once or twice and as a result he notices patterns easily and finds it very difficult to unfix his gaze from them.
uuhhmmmm.. this is exactly why it's really really a no for me. also i already am able to find patterns easily in whateveer i see.

Back to pot - it doesn't give you a stinking hangover if you overindulge.
err.. yes.. the only thing stinky will be the ashtray.. also make sure you have tons of coffee somewhere around for the next morning if you go to 'overindulge'

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