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((Red: Just curious how does Guy know that there are miners in their 24 hours a day?))

Svafa: Misea does have a point, and personally I have no desire to play guardian to those two. Time is not something we have a lot of. For all we know in the future it may take a year before we arrive at a destination or longer. The sooner we get things done now the more leeway we may have later.

Heimdall: Marin, you can change your shape so you look older, and Aidan is simple another alien from another planet. I don't forsee any major problems. He could even be a benefit.

*Heimdall stands*

Heimdall: I've made up my mind. I'm heading for the mine, no real sense to delay. Any problems we can improvise a solution.

*Svafa nods her head in affirmation. She joins Heimdall and the two begin to walk towards the town. Their cloaks wrapped about them, the two walk on the side of the road visible to any possible traffic.*

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