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Originally posted by Alien426
Don't you guys have barcode scanners? In Germany working at the checkout has to be one of the easiest and most boring jobs.
Yes we do, but it's basically a problem of keeping the database up to date and making sure everythings in the right place.

If an item of clothing is accidentally (or lazily) put under a half price sign and there are no other items of clothing like it under the sign and it's clearly not meant to be there, the customer still thinks it's half price. Even if it's womens clothing in the mens department! And so when they pay and get their receipt, they're like 'Hey! That designer leather jacket is meant to be 30p, I found it with all of those books saying 99% off!'

That, or sometimes, we have a sale on an item, but head office forgets to update the database and so we overcharge them.

But it's mostly their fault. If an item of clothing is in the wrong place, it's because someone will pick it up thinkinng they wanted it, go halfway round the store, find out they want something better and just leave the other item wherever they are instead of putting it back properly or handing it to one of us.

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