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Originally posted by Natty
That's great. I'm guessing you love to swallow a hot load of cum then?
like pantees are not something just to be dropped, cum is not something just to swallow *cough*

thrik ..



is she a boy or he a girl? hmhmhm. and why greenjeanz? perhabs because it somehow, with sumumbling and twisted balls, sounds like rayjones.. anyways.. hand me a pantie and i am yours sweety. lets burn in the fire of luuurrve. rrawr.


if you get roy back in here i'd personally hand you my favorite pantie with a naked thrik in it.

so.. heya, you joking breastnipples, behold the almighty yoinkstick and shudder in fear while letting your pee run.. .. err.. run? .. run. .. run! .. RUUUUNN!!

*runs away, carrying the yoinkstick*

AAAAHHHH!!! it's following me!! AWAY AWAAAAYYYY!!!!! oh no oh no oh no it's getting me, it's getting me. errr.. WHY do i have the slight feeling, something's running out of hand here? this is not exactly what the plan was planned like!! *ducks* whoa! almost! *runs faster* i cannot believe it's still following me!! HELP ME HELP ME!!!

*trips over the yoinkstick*

*accidently hits thrikula and carlita with the yoinkstick*


*thrikula, carlita and ray, stumbling around in a random bitch type stumble mode, come danjerously near to the danjerous abyss*

*thrikula, carlita and ray, falling down the abyss, crashing into the world second biggest horizontal mounted wall-with-tapestry(TM)*

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