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Conquer the Galaxy - Minor Civs

Hi everyone. In addition to the main , playable civs, i was wondering what everyone's opinion on minor civs would be. These civs would be limited to a signle planet/system and would constitute only a few units, but would make the 'Conquer the Galaxy' mode seem more 'real' and interesting. Some examples of minor civs would be-
- Kaminoans
- Geonosians
- Wookiees (if not a playable civ)
- Hapes
- Chiss
and others.

These minor civs would, once conquered by a player, give that player certain benefits. For example, conquering the Geonosians or Kaminoans would give the player an extra Army. Conquering the Wookiees would decrease global build times etc.

Opinions? Suggestions?

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