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Originally posted by Alia
"But I found an excellent form of stress relief. I'll probably be doing it all night!"

This really isn't a statment taken "wrong", but its sort of embaressing anyway...

My friend (her pen-name is Taji) loves animae(animaie? i can never spell it...). Unfortunatly, when she's drawing the basic outline of the characters, it looks...wrong...

You're drawing p0rn again?!
its not porn...
yes, but its...naked!
with a carefully placed floating ribbon...
its PORN!
God, you're such a prud!...You want porn? Here...*draws porn*Muwahahahaha!!
AAUUGH! AUUUGGHH! Mrs Joie-Peipper, Tagi's drawing PORN!

it was funnier after Mrs.JP's reaction. But still...
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