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Originally posted by Orca Wail
But I like beating around the bush...

Whatever. I've been out of reading for a while, but I'm coming back. Yes, Stephen is the King. A friend of mine lent me "From a Buick 8" and it is the first book I have read that made me physically sick (i just sorta gagged...this time...
I find that, in beating around the bush, not much bush gets beaten.

Actually, I've had A Buick 8 for a while now but haven't read it yet. Heard it was great. My favorites of Steve's is his collection of short stories: Everything's Eventual, and The Shining (typical, but seriously I was frightened for weeks).

Annoying Story:

I JUST banged my toe....

....I'm serious, it freakin' hurts like metal clamps on Llama nipples. YYEECH!

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