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Yes strange that. Though you are running a FX5200, and i must say they are shockingly slow and absolute bottom end of the barrel type cards, especially for a nice quick system like yours.
Basicly they are a card, for when you just need a video card and not anything to play games on.

You need to match a video card to the rest of your system, or one can pull the other down, like having a hugely powerful card on a slow cpu. One needs the other.

FX5200 is like a 50 dollar or less card. Seeing Video is one of the most important features in your system if you are a gamer, which you are, then I wouldnt go for anything less than a ATI9600Pro or XT or a FX5900XT or above.
Personally, If i were you, do a quick google search for reviews. You will see the ATI cards out perform most of the FX cards they are designed to compete with.

Sorry couldnt help with your specific problem. I dont mean to be picking on your sytem, but I thought you should at least know.
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