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Guard: Yes, I will give you access to the mines. *moving aside, turning to a panel next to the durasteel mine doors* You're the inspectors? Already? Wasn't expecting you till next week. I'll need your IDs to grant you access.

Misae: *repeating Hal's mind trick* You don't need to see our identification.

Guard: I don't need to see your identification. *Looks at the panel, appearing confused* I need to put your ID cards through this to open the door, though...

Misae: You don't need our ID cards. You will open the door and stop asking questions.

Guard: I don't need your ID cards. I will open the doors and stop asking questions. Wait...what am I saying? I can't open the doors without your cards. Gate guards aren't allowed in the crystal mines! What was I thinking? *He rubs his head*

Misae: How does everyone else get in the mines, then?

Guard: Why are you asking me? You're the inspectors, right? *He looks at Misae and the others suspiciously*

Misae: *exerting even more mental pressure* You will tell us and stop questioning us, now.

Guard: I will tell you and stop questioning you, now. My apologies. Well, the bosses have their own cards. They won't hand them out to us or the workers, for "security reasons". Paranoid, maybe, but...some of these crystals are worth quite alot. So, no one goes in without being supervised by the head guys. As you know.


*Raschel and Orthos arrive at the pub the Irvines went into*

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