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*The Irvines sit at a table in the pub, both with a glass of Corellian Ale. The Pub was having its happy hour, but the mood wasn't exactly like that. They were given suspicious eyes every now and then. Although it was merely purely out of curiocity why suddenly two Jedi, right out of the blue, walk into a pub and order drinks.

WH Irvine was all that much enjoying the trip, but Irvine remain patient, but still had a few doubts. However as much as he could feel the slightly unplesant mood in the pub, Irvine still kept a slight tab on the group, and maybe Raschel's and Orthos' presence, there was alot to focus though, even for the young Jedi.*

WH Irvine *softly to Irvine* "I don't like this, this is taking too long."

Irvine "For what? you'd expect someone to just open up and come here and spill what ever information to some strangers from no where?"

WH Irvine "I don't know how you can be so patient."

Irvine "When you had four months to think something over that happened during a few hours, you'd learn patience too."

WH Irvine "You haven't been too open about that experence of yours anyway."

Irvine "I haven't, besides we don't have time to me to tell you that story."

WH Irvine "What do you..."

*A blue alien walks up* ((damnit, i don't know these friken anme of those races (its the same as Rello's(jkii))))

Alien "Jedis? Whersh did yous comes from?"

*The pub goes quiet.*

WH Irvine *comments on the slur*"Would matter a bit more if you'd sobered up a bit."

*A few aliens burst into laughter.*

Irvine *waving his hand slightly* "So what can you tell me about this city?"

Alien "Sos what can I tells you abouts this city? Oh itsh a mining city, we mine.."

Irvine "That was simple, well all we can say that is that our transport had an unfortunate landing about 40 kilometers west of the city. Now from what I could tell there's no actual outgoing transports expected to leave soon. So, who knows where I can get some work?"

((not sure if this plays into anyone's hands ^_^; I ment to put in something earilyer but before i left, i didnt hit he reply button X.x))

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