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*Svafa shakes her head*

Svafa: There are much easier ways to handle this.

*She moves her arm from her side to around the guard's neck*

Svafa: While one of my coworkers retrieves their pass cards. Allow me to ask you about the security system of this installation.

*The guard looks a little confused and suddenly slumps. As he falls A tiny syringe is revealed in Svafa's palm. She has a cold smile across her face.

Heimdall captures the guard and props him up against the wall, as Svafa returns the syringe to a pouch on her belt and quickly moves to the control panel. With the infiltration skills of the Valkyries it was not a hard task to remove the panel top and rewire it.

The Door to the mines soon opens*

Svafa: Just as I thought, poor security. Well come on lets get going. The doors are going to shut in about four minutes.

*Svafa replaces the top of the manel, and she and Heimdall enter the mine*

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