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Stuck after leviathan (spoiler) please help

Hello everyone,
Very nice forum, I was hoping one of you could help me? After escaping leviathan, finding out I'm darth revan etc. the game seems to be stuck. Carth said I have another star map to find, but I'm almost sure I've discovered them all. I've completed the game before so I know about the unknown world and all that, but I didn't have this problem before. I tried to revisit all the sites I'd already been too and completed the quests on:
Tatootine: the star map is in its upright position and when I click on it nothing happens.
Kashyyk: it says the star map is locked
Korriban: the entrance to the Sith Academy has been locked from the inside
Dantooine: destroyed
Manaan: star map is open and lit up (activated it would seem) but clicking on it/going near it doesn't do any good
If anyone can help me with this I'd really appreciate it, it's really annoyed me because I've spent ages getting this far and doing all the little quests I missed last time and now it seems like I'm stuck for no reason. Thanks very much
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