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*Svafa laughs at Misea comment*

Svafa: Think young one, before you speak. I know most of you Jedi are no spies, but there was once a time when I knew a few great Jedi skilled in the arts of infiltration. But that was long before your time.

Heimdall: Let's keep moving

*The door closes and the group can only move a couple of meters before a man stops them. Svafa positions herself between the man and the morphing Marin*

Overseer: Wait, who are you?

Heimdall: We are preforming a surprise inspection, what is down that tunnel.

Overseer: It's abandoned, there is nothing but a deadend.

Heimdall: We'll see about that, We've been getting reports about thieves and I think I know where they are stealing so if you don't mind stand aside.

Overseer: Yes, sir but you will find nothing there.

*The overseer throws one last glance at the group before returning to his group of miners.*

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