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Guy: Strange. The line on the map continues past here.

Aidan: Looks like a dead end to me...

Marin: <That impression on the it just me, or does that look familiar?>



*A surly white Twi'lek plunks down on the seat next to the Irvines*

Twi'lek: More off-worlders...Jedis, this time? *Eyeing Raschel and Orthos, who are eavesdropping a bit too obviously* You and your friends...odd sorts...*laughs semi-drunkenly* No offense meant mind you...Haven't had off-worlders visit here in four months...but believe it or not, you're not as strange as thast last group was here!

*The man next to the Twi'lek elbows him* Pay Rukol no mind, Master Jedis. He always talks like this when he's drunk. We don't want no trouble here...

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