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Twi'lek: Well, great wages, that's for sure! But terrible working conditions...and the bosses are so paranoid about employee theft, but anyone who's inside their inner circles---

*to Orthos* What was that you said there, kid? Oh...well, er...*sizes up Orthos* Nope, no one that looked like you, and by the Sith, I would've remembered. Group of...four, was it? Maybe five? Force...well, they wore strange clothes, like nothing I'd ever seen before...Their leader dressed the strangest of all. Can't even begin to describe it. But he did have pointy ears, and weird skin color for a human. Anyway, they asked alot of questions about weird things. Something about "magic". I know they were looking for a "shadow" who traveled with a group of Jedi and some aliens. Something about birthmarks and green and blue creatures...*looks at Raschel* Hey, in fact you look like one of the beings he described. Friend of yours maybe?

Raschel: *shakes her head* No, I don't think so...



*The group is taken aback by the sheer beauty of the gorgeously colored, glowing crystals jutting out of the walls, untouched by mining tools, growing like some sort of rainbow garden*

Marin: <It's...amazing.>

*Her dragon morph's senses are overwhelmed. Magic streams everywhere, which translates to the creature's brain as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Marin catches herself fluttering between crystal clusters, seeking out the strongest "tasting" bunch. With supreme effort, she squelches the dragon's mind and reasserts her control, just before she takes a large bite out of the nearest gem.

Somewhat disturbed, and slightly embarrassed as well, she lands and demorphs*

Marin: Alright. Business. Where does the map say to go now?

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