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[K1] Firearms!! Mod 0.8

Download Firearms Mod 0.8
The Readme File

As the name suggests, this mod simply changes some things so that blaster weapons become bullet slinging firearms. This is more of a fun mod than anything else, since it totally doesn't fit into the Star Wars universe. I just happen to be your quintessential firearms buff, so these were personal modifications to my own game that I thought I'd share with anyone interested.

To my knowledge, this mod is purely cosmetic, since I THINK they specify special damage types and behaviour (like Ion) in the item properties rather than in the projectile properties. So if I'm wrong, someone please correct me!

I also couldn't figure out how to disable the dynamic lighting of the blaster bolts (which I made invisible), so while you can't see the blaster bolts anymore, they still light up the walls as they sail through the air. If anyone knows how I could fix this, I'm all ears!

Make sure you crank up those speakers if you decide to try this mod out. Especially if you've got someone wielding a heavy repeater! Mmm... the sweet sounds of a heated firefight.

I hope someone out there finds this mod to their liking... or at least amusing. Enjoy!
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