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Twi'lek: Ehh? The mines? No one goes into the mines without supervision. Not even Jedis. That means you gotta be a worker. If you wanna register go to the registrar's office! Don't see why you'd wanna work in this hellhole, even if it does pay obscenely well... *gives the Irvines a long hard look* Maybe if you bribe the bosses enough, you might get a tour, if that's what you want...the mines 'emselves are on the southern outskirts, can't miss em even if you wanted to...



Marin: Looks like someone's been here before...

*The group enters a large room. Crystals are everywhere, in a million shining, blinking, sparkling varieties. All shapes, colors and sizes imaginable grew from the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. Tiny paths wound through the crystals on the floor which had clearly been much larger once upon a time. The crystals nearly covered them over who knows how many ages*

Guy: The map indicates we simply need to reach the chamber on the other side of this room.

Aidan: "Simply"?

*The group picks their way separately along the tiny paths. Misae trips and cuts herself on one of the sharper crystals*

Misae: Sithspit! Stupid...Force... *She rights herself and keeps walking*

*Marin walks along the path nearest the walls of the room. Something about the crystals seemed to draw her to them. A certain bunch of deep purple crystals draws her attention the most. Looking at them, she notices they have a special depth to them, seeming almost as if the matter inside them was swirling, in motion, silky smooth despite the hardness of their exteriors...

She can't resist, and extends her hand to touch them. A warm, soothing feeling flows into her on contact. She could feel something inside her changing, but it never occurs to her to pull away. She stands transfixed, staring into the depths of the beautiful crystals, reaching out to touch them with both hands...*

Aidan: Marin? Marin?

*She doesn't answer. Aidan jumps over the sharp crystal patches and rows separating them, grumbling, and stands in front of her. She doesn't react. He pulls at her, and she appears to suddenly notice him*

Marin: Aidan? What's the matter with you?

Aidan: We're going to get left behind. The others are already all the way across the room.

Marin: Oh! Sorry, I got distracted...just look at these crystals...

Aidan: No, there's no time to look at crystals, Marin! We need to move. I wouldn't bet on the others coming back to look for us if we get lost or something.

*Marin looks at Aidan without really hearing him. She can feel some magic inside her, mixing around, seeping through her every pore, making her different...better...stronger. Aidan had never looked so small, even as she has to look two feet up at his face*

It's the crystals...they have power...they give power, they unlock power...gods' power...

*She realized that Aidan was worthless as he was now. Not like her. She felt as if she had been walking all her life wearing blinders, wearing chains in her mind. Now she was unfettered. Now she could see everything.

Yes, Aidan was worthless. But that didn't mean he didn't deserve what she now had. Hadn't she been just like him, only short minutes ago? Hadn't he he been her friend, always helped her - even if it was out of some misguided nobility?

She had to give him the power too. It was simple. All he had to do was touch the crystals and accept it like her.*

Marin: *in a condescending tone* It's okay, Aidan. Everything's going to be just fine. Could you break off one of those beautiful violet crystals for me? Off that cluster? *She points*

Aidan: *suspiciously, and taken aback by her tone and strange request* What? Why?

Marin: Please, Aidan? For me?

*Aidan looks at her even more suspiciously, but reaches up and with his gargoyle's strength, breaks the cluster of rectangular purple crystals off the wall. As he does so his eyes change. Then his expression changes, and Marin knows he understands now too*

Marin: *smiling wickedly* Told you everything was going to be fine, didn't I?

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