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*Heimdall slightly confused sweeps away Marin hands*

Heimdall: Come now all three of us are behind.

*Heimdall shakes his head, there seemed to be a buzzing inside his brain.

The three of them make their way to the otherside of the room. Where the group is waiting.*

Svafa: Heimdall are you alright?

Heimdall: *in an angry tone* I'm fine.

*Svafa nods, and figures that she will find out later when they are alone. For now she should concentrate on the job ahead of them.

On this side of the room stood a large door, similar to the ones that had come before them, the ones that always led to the next key and map.

Heimdall removed the key, and sure enough it opened the doors revealing a large chamber with a lone pedistal containing two objects.

Heimdall enters the chamber, the buzzing in his head was getting worse. He stands be the pedestal looking at the new key and map. He pauses there, his shoulders slump for a moment but he quickly regains his posture*

Svafa *with slight concern*: Heimdall, is everything alright.

Heimdall: Yes, sister from now on.

*Svafa is slightly confused at his answer. She then begins hearing the chanting of a spell, a dangerous one if she remembers. By instinct Svafa draws her sword and approaches her brother.

Svafa touches Heimdall's shoulder. Heimdall twirls and with his palm facing Svafa begins a new spell.*

Svafa *looking into Heimdall's eyes and wishpers*: no.

*Heimdall finishes his spell and a powerful force moves from his plam lifting Svafa and throwing her across the chamber. Svafa hits a wall hard and falls the the ground. Her sword clatters down beside her.

Heimdall has a grin on his face. He raises his arms and begins a new spell. In an instant the ceiling creaks and begins to crumble. A wall of rock seperates Heimdall, Marin and Aidan from the rest of the group. Laughing aloud*

Heimdall: Come little ones we are leaving those fools behind.

*The cave in left an opening to the surface. Heimdall began climbing rock to reach it*

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