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Post Oh well

Thanx for the link! But I thought Alex's site was declared dead!

Jake, I have never been able to find scans of surfing the highway on the net, and trust me I have looked. Further more, I have never been able to find a scan of "Sam & Max in the Office" from the fox kids magazine.

As far as I know, "Sam and Max in the Office" is the same thing as "Something's Not Right Here." Somebody could help out us Sam and Max fans and get on eBay, & bid for the 1998 issues of Fox Kids Magazine, if somebody's doing that. I wish I was into Fox Kids back in 1998 so I could have enjoyed Sam and Max. But I didn't become a fan of theirs until 1999 when Digimon was aired.

Anyone knows where either of these fine periodicals can be obtained, because purchasing them in Australia is not a viable option. They are just too @$%^ rare.

Your best bet is eBay. That's where I got the Sam and Max comics. It just takes patience until somebody puts them up for auction. Then you get vicious!

By the way, did you notice the $75 Collected Sam and Max currently on eBay, SIGNED BY STEVE PURCELL HIMSELF!!!!!!!
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