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*Irvine got a slight disappointed at the mind trick failing.*

Irvine 'No bother, I'd got the information that I wanted, and besides from what is seemed the other's presence's went south anyway. Seems like I should have stayed with them, we'll jsut catch up now.'

*Irvine raises his head from thinking about it.*

Irvine *slightly arching forward in his seat, as if to bow* "Thank you, myself, my apprentence, and my companions shall..."

*Irvine then spins around, facing south, he felt the presences of a few of the others twist and become slightly demented, then pain from a few of the others.*

Irvine *In a calm yet firm voice.* "We need to go to the mines, we need to go now. Something just happened down there, not sure what." *turning to the alien* "I'd ask if you could come too, we need someone, who's familar with the area. I'm sorry to break with your rules, but there is something going on in those mines."

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