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Re: Monkey ISland 3 lagging sound problem!!

Originally posted by GFX
I downloaded and installed the update for my VDMsound and the launchpad, but it didnt fix the sound problem, used all the sound features in the ScummVM Quick and easy program, but the same problem ocurrs. i also use the maximum debug.. and the same.
Used the ScummVM alone and it was the same... and the VDM quick and easy didnt have the option for Monkey Island 3 :(
Increasing debug levels will only make the game run slower. If both VDMSound -and- ScummVM are causing sound lag, there is simply something wrong with your computer. It would be almost impossible for both programs to have the same problem.

Perhaps you should run a virus scan, an adaware scan, and upgrade all your drivers. Or run a system which doesn't have random inexplicable problems like Linux or a Mac :o)

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