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- Are you sure that it is the right cd (I know, kinda silly question, but it is possible!)?

- Do you have more than one CD drive? Try to put CD one into the first, CD two into the second one (If don't so forget this one)

- Is the CD clean?

- Close any other any applications (like Winamp) and don't look browse in your drives while installing! Just put in the CD and wait for the Setup askin for the 2nd CD. Don't touch anything while copying the files from CD! This can crash the installation

- Look if your CD Drive is not broken (or unplugged or sth. like that, but that's not really probably)

After we'll get that error message we'll be able to see what the problem is. Until then you can try the possible solutions above. But it seems, that there is a poblem with the CD.

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