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g_weapondisable # = what weapon?

Okay, I'm looking for info on disabling weapons. I've done searches online and all I can find is the following in formation...

- g_weapondisable 65531 = Saber Only (which is wrong but people still say it is right)

- g_weapondisable 524279 = Saber Only (which is right)

- The following settings for JK2 (as far as I know it's right)...

1 (unused)
2 Stun Baton
4 Lightsaber
8 Bryar Pistol
16 Rifle
32 Disrupter
64 Bowcaster
128 Repeater
256 DEMP
512 Flechette Gun
1024 Rocket Launcher
2048 Thermal Detonators
4096 Trip Mines
8192 Detonator Packs
16384 (unused)
32768 (unused)

I am looking for the same type of list for Jedi Academy. Every place I find that has such as list is for JK2 and pretty much every thread i find with people asking for JA people say to go into the game and find out.

So, does anyone know where I can find such a list for JA?

524279 = Saber Only

So I have to assume that Saber = 8... but I'd rather not go into the game and try to figure out the rest.

Can anyone help me out?

These would be 2 images if they were showing up properly... I'm not sure what the problem is.

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