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Originally posted by ExcelsioN
Really? I have a 9700 Pro and it just flashed blue all the time and kept on saying 'VPU Recovery'. How did you get it to work?
Check the Far Cry site ( to see if you have the right driver version...Far Cry doesn't work on some of the newer ones.

That article appears to be full of ****. For instance, Doom 3 doesn't even use DirectX for it's graphics.
Also, from what I've heard, Halo PC isn't a very good port, and it's speed isues are it's own fault, not DirectX's. Also, I've heard that the Far Cry SP demo isn't particulary optimized, and yet it runs quite playably on my computer (P4 2.53 Mhz, 1Gb RDRAM, Radeon 9800 Pro) with everything set to the top.
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