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Originally posted by Samnmax221
And since when is their any girls on these forums god thats weird
I'll tell you that if you tell me when punctuation and grammar went out of style...

Furthermore: I've finally figured out what the BETRAYAL is ....

(I suppose that word demands capitalization out of sheer respect for the incident).

Thanksgiving day. You have company coming over in the evening and you're all planning on watching a movie on T.V. afterwards. Well you sit down, and you read the newspaper. Oh no! Ted Hughes is on T.V. after Thanksgiving and your mother wants to watch that instead of the movie you already wished to watch. Naturally you get upset and DESTROY THE TELEVISION in a blind, MURDEROUS rage...

...your mother instantly forgives you and swears not to tell a soul it was you. Naturally, after dinner, the fam sits down to watch Ted Hughes and his poetry (the BASTARD!) and your mother spills the beans. You go upstairs to watch the movie in peace, but the fam invades and watches Ted on the upstairs T.V.

BWAHAHAHAH! I AM SOOOOO.....wrong. But hey, at least I'm guessing.

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