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it was the day of Thanksgiving, and it was raining, rain of biblical proportions. it was 7.30pm and the family was about to sit down for a nice traditional thanksgiving dinner.
suddenly there was a knock at the door. the family looked at each other asking the unspoken question, who could that be?
The mother opened the door to which an old man stood waiting.
He was invited in, he looked hungry and weak. The old man looked familiar, but no one could place him. The mother asked him to join them and together they enjoyed the thanksgiving feast.
After everyone had filled their stomachs, they retired to the living room. The old man decided to read out a poem..
roses are red, violets are blue. i like Yazoo
"Are you a poet?" the mother asked.
"why, yes... my name is ted hughes"
"Oh i love your poems Ted, please recite us another one" the mother asked.
"But mom, Iron giant is on the T.V!" whined the daughter.
"now don't be rude" replied the mother. "she has an awful temper Ted, if only she learn some self-control... maybe she would stop wetting the bed too"
"mom!!!!" screamed the daughter.
In a fit of rage the young delinquent hurled a lump of cheese at the T.V, which exploded in a bright ball of flame.
"now see what you've done! you left me with no choice, its time for your ritalin"
so the family spent the night listening to the poetry of ted hughes, stopping occasionally only to wipe the dribble from the daughter's chin.

The End?
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