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OK, it's Thanksgiving and you're all by yourself. Like any kid would, you decide to play with matches, lighters and various flammable solids, fluids and gases. In the process you burn something of value - maybe a piece of decoration like Bart did in that one episode. In an attempt to get rid of the incriminating evidence you take it out to the trash and hide it in under some other rubbish.

Days pass without anyone noticing the missing object. How quickly people forget...

Then, some day you watch a movie with your mom. It's a very romantic movie about a family where the kids do tell their parents everything and the parents are always understanding and forgive them instantly, to live happily ever after. Your mom - of course - melts away and talks you into sharing a secret with her. You don't yet have enough experience to smell the trap. But that is about to change soon after...

to be continued
be sure to watch the exciting finale

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