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Yes, I third the motion to not have Gungans as a playable species. Not that I think they'd do it anyway, whoever's stupid enough to be a Gungan has gotta know they'll be killed about 50 million times. I personally think it would be interesting to have the Hutts as a playable species, hopefully the Devs will add Nal Hutta and Nar Shadda, so the Hutts would kinda make sense. I'd like to see the Chiss, but you have to remember, (at least I'm pretty sure... ) that there aren't that many Chiss out and about in the galaxy at this time. I really hope I'm right about that, though, not sure off the top of my head... Noghri would be a good one, Ithorians too, and Quarren, since they already have Mon Cals... Sullustans, Gran, Devaronians, Aqualish, Barabels, (I'd love to see one of them walking around...) Dugs, that'd be a good one. Bith, for sure. I think the Chadra-Fan would be pretty funny to see walking around, (those little bat-faced guys.) Duros would be another... whoa, ok, I think that's enough for the Space Expansion, any combination of all these species would be excellent, I think it would really help the Star Wars feel of the game, too.

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