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Sukara nodded at him. "Yeah...I got a little carried away with the hot sauce I guess." He said, still smileing slightly. "Whats our bill?"

"20 Credits for the meal, sir." The waiter states. Sukara pays him, and they exit the resturaunt. Continueing there trip thru the city till the sun begain to fall behind the tall skyscrapers, and the sky begain to dim. "Wow, we've been out all day, and we forgot to get a room..." Sukara rubbed his head in a slight state of embarassment at his forgetfulness.

Looking around he was unable to spot anywhere to get a room. "You'd think in a city so big they would have alot of hotels..." They continued to explore the city for any place to stay, finally comeing across a Hotel called 'The Kaadu's eye'. "This looks okay, for the night atleast." He said as they walked twords it, entering the building, he conversed with the man waiting at the desk. "Two rooms please."

Not to far away at all, Three Jedi, and 12 Republic Soldiers had just entered the town, dead tired from there long trip from there ship. Entering Coronet, the lights of the city being a warm welcome, after what they had to go thru in the wild, one of the soldiers was almost eaten when he got to close to what can only be discribed as a carniverous zit...

"We need to find some place to stay for the night..." Insisted Jamis, as they made there way deeper into the city. "Yeah, I'm dead tired, we've been travelling for a whole day straight..." Brittany said with a slightly groggy tone. Spotting a hotel in the distance, Rick alerted them. "Hey, over there! That place looks pretty nice, for tonight atleast."

They all looked at it, and agreed thats where they, and the soldiers would stay. Entering the hotel, they made there way to the man at the counter. "16 rooms, please." "16? My, thats quite a group you have there. Well, we have enough. Welcome to the Kaadu's Eye, gentlmen."
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