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Happily asleep in his bed, Sukara enjoyed his suroundings, peacefully slumbering, untill atleast, the nagging, dry feeling in his mouth woke him. Groaning in slight iritation, he went to get a glass of water, turning on the handle on his sink however, produced none of that ever so wonderful liquid substance. Spying the holonote above the sink, "Out of order, we're very sorry for the incoveniance..." He read outloud.

Groaning again as he stomped outside his room, twords the beverage droid, passing Visona. "Couldn't sleep eather?" He said, smileing tiredly at her. "What can I get you, sir?" The droid asked politely. "Just give me some water, please."

As he waited there, Rick Ulo came up the stairs, the others still waiting down in the lobby, passing Visona, who he had never seen before, and moveing twords the droid. Standing by Sukara, who had also never met. Sukara had not noticed him yet. "I'll have a Kryat Blast." "Yes sir!" The droid said with its typical enthusiasim at serveing humans.

Sukara slowly turns, his eyes bugging out as he saw Rick practicly face to face with him. "" "What? Is something wrong?" Rick asked him. Quickly remembering that Rick was had never seen him before, he composed himself. "Oh, um, nothing! I was just wondering if you could lend me...5 credits, for a drink for my friend there!" He said, looking at Visona. "Oh, hmm, I think I have it on me, ah! Here you are." Rick said, returning to the lobby. "Damnit, that was close, if he is here, the others must be aswell, and they WILL recognise me!" Sukara said to Visona.

Looking back and forth, wondering what to do. "They'll be up here soon, we need some plan." Sukara looked desporate as the two walked up the stairs. "Damnit, we can't fight in here, theres a ton of inn guests in here." He stated, starting to get used to his new found concern for life, barely even flinching from it. "Besides, even I can't take on all three of them AND 12 Republic soldiers..."

Looking at Visona, seeing her look of uncertanty, his face came over with a bit of slight shock. "You, you felt them, didn't you? You came out here, to tell them that you and I, that we where here, didn't you..." He said, trying to hide some of the hurt in his voice. "Do you want to go back to them, so badly? I guess I can understand, I mean, you are still a Jedi, right? You need to be with your kind...I just sorta, well thought we where friends...I guess nobody wants to be friends with an Ex-Sith Lord though, do they? Heh."

They here the group growing closer. "Well, what are you going to do now?"
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