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Jamis had met Rick, and now they were walking along the hall to the rooms. Jamis took a look at one of the doors. "Have you seen Brittany this morning?" he asked.

Rick responded that he had not, and Jamis thought it was probably time to wake her, if they were going to start the search soon. When he knocked and heard Brittany call to come in, he hesitantly opened the door. She was seated comfortably, her eyes half-closed.

"The Sith and Visona are in the hotel," she said, giving them a half-lidded look. "I've been trying to find them, but he's been clouding my sight all night."

Jamis nodded slowly and looked around alertly, as if the Sith was liable to jump out of the closet. "How long have you been at it?" he asked her.

"Most of the night," she responded. "He's good at keeping me away from contact." Jamis nodded. He would have to be, as high as he climbed, he thought to himself.

"Rick, I suggest you start combing the hotel, bottom to top." He nodded. "Those Republic Troopers should be useful for something." he paused. "Brittany, I'd like for you to keep the pressure on the Sith, to keep him distracted. I'm going to try moving around the hotel to get a better fix on his location. I know most, if not all the tricks he's using to cloud his presence." With that, he waited long enough for Rick and the troops to get to the bottom floor of the hotel.

He entered the metaphorical stream of the Force lightly, slipping a toe into the water, and taking a small peek around the hotel, in a very generalized, light sort of scanning. He found that above them the clouding was more, and left the metaphorical stream as lightly as he had entered, hopefully without the Sith any the wiser.

He left the room, and started climbing the stairs.

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