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*From inside the pub, the half-drunk Twi'lek and his partner notice Orthos and Gortick*

Twi'lek: Hey! Look, Uiter! It's the Scamp who haunts the mines!

Human: It is! And...wait...that Jedis looks just like him!

Raschel: Orthos?! You have a twin?!



*The dust settles*

Guy: Misae? Do you see Svafa? Or Ellela and Hal?

Misae: Don't tell me they're with them, too...Guy, what the Sith is going on?

*Guy has a scanner out already, and waits a minute observing it before answering*

Guy: There's powerful magic in here. I'm not sure but I can take a guess it's mind-altering.

Misae: I'm certainly not mind-altered!

Guy: I know. I detect strong trace magic where Heimdall, Marin and Aidan took when they entered this room. They must have picked up something. But the trail is fading too fast for me to follow it backwards. The magic traces aren't on us.

Misae: So where are the others? Have they gone mad too?

*A rumble echoes through the caverns. Chunks of crystals and debris fall from the ceiling*

Guy: They could be trapped. We should try to find them, but be careful.

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