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"I'd also like to meet with... Sukara, did you say his name was? The Sukara?" Jamis felt impressed. He'd heard tales of Sukara while at the Sith Academy. The man, it was said, was without equal with a lightsaber.

"You see, Sith have some nasty mind tricks and other things they can use. Also, seeing as how I'm not a proper Jedi, I can relate better to a Sith than probably anybody else in this whole mess. I'll take you to Brittany and call Rick." So saying, he turned around and led Visona down a few floors to where Brittany was waiting.

Once in the room, he called to Rick telepathically. I've found Visona- come back to Brittany's room.

He looked at Brittany. "Visona is with us. And I think you may as well let up on trying to find Sukara. I hope that our errant Jedi here will tell us where he is. Then I can go talk" he sensed Visona about to say something "-and I mean talk in the literal sense of the word-" he waved at the young Jedi to remain calm, "to him. I've called Rick back, too."

Quoth the Raven; "Nevermore, nevermore."
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