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Jamis coughed. "Well, as one who's been in a rather similar situation before..." he looked to the other two. "By all means, let him alone, but... I'd like to meet him first. I mean, we've met before, but it was just a little bit of witty repartee before trying to kill each other."

He thought of the salvation that had come his way when he'd met Brittany, even when she was in her unconcious state.

But why did he not really care for the Jedi Order that much? True, he had come to care for Rick and Brittany, felt a bit protective of them, as if because he had freed them before that he could not let them be.

I like these Jedi, he thought, But I have no particular desire to join another order.

He knew he might end up at the Jedi Order. Then again, he might not. All the same, he wished to meet with Sukara, and see what he could find out. What was it about meeting a Jedi that had turned them both? Had it been the memories in Brittany's mind for him? Had it been the healing that Visona had performed on Sukara?

Quoth the Raven; "Nevermore, nevermore."
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